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Sometimes you hear a band, a song & something within you wakes up and you know there and then, that the music has spoken to you.

That came for me with Nahko & Medicine For The People. I find myself completely mesmerised by the music of the band, the stories of the nomadic musicians that make up the tribe and the passion that burns inside of me when I listen to the music.

As a musical collective, our mission is to be the motivation and inspiration for all that have become members of our Tribe. Within our global community, we have access to the tools needed to make changes, take action and spread awareness of how to live in harmony with Mother Gaia herself. We are honored to be a force of attraction for positive and creative minds during these often-corrupt times. With your trust and support, we humbly accept this role and speak our prayers of intention to take direct action… “Hoka Hey” means, “today is a good day to die”, but perhaps with your help, it could transform into a better day to live. Thank you again for your love and support. Tribe members, let us come together today to be the change that we wish to see tomorrow. 
Respect and love,
Nahko and Medicine for the People

Nahko's heritage and story really caught my heart when I read his words and watched his videos, I felt like I was seeing his very spirit, his soul. Something that today people tend to keep shrouded, afraid to really speak their mind or to stand out.

The music coursed through my senses, renewing every nerve as it played, I found myself completely lost in a moment of pure meditation. The first time in perhaps 26 years that my mind had truly stopped.

The causes that Medicine For The People fight for with their music resonates well within me, as those of you who read my personal blog littlebearwolf will know, I have a great love of the indigenous tribes of the world and their culture, heritage and their use of our planet. I'm all too aware that with the speed of the modern world racing, we are close to eradicating them and a lot of our planets natural resources and beauty altogether.
I fully support the music and work of MFTP and hope that they may (hint hint hint promoters) come to England one day soon, hell knows we could use some of that healing medicine here.

Dallying a little in music myself, the piano parts to 'Aloha Ke Akua', truly stand out to me and bring me a great peace when I hear them. It's not just this one song that caught my senses by surprise; there are no words to describe the magic and beauty that resides within Nahko's songs, so please take a listen for yourself below.




So if you're spirit's looking for some healing, or like me you just felt yourself a wandering, then check out Nahko & MFTP, since finding this tribe and supporting their cause, even when my own path's been at it's darkest, the magic of these tribe folk have brightened my nights, they've been the light in the sky when I needed it most. My brothers & sisters, that I look forward to spending many a long summer night with in 2015.

If you're like me and you're spirit belongs on the wind, over the mountains, soaring with the mighty eagle, swimming the beautiful blue, then I highly recommend that you take a listen today.


Pop back soon for more magical music treasures & the artists harbored here at Coven Cove. Love from captain Kage & the cove crew.
KG Ⓒ 2015

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