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If there's one thing we love at Coven Cove, it's sharing the releases of new records.
I don't think there's anything more exciting than hearing a song for the first time, a song that over time really sticks with you and becomes a long standing favorite.
For me, that's a big part of my passion for music journalism & feature writing, experiencing a new record for the first time, is like digging up buried treasure.
You never quite know what you're going to get. 
When Breakup Records sent me Joel's record, I wasn't sure what to expect, of all the records I'm sent from various sources, something caught my eye about Joel Magid.

I was pleasantly delighted by what I heard, or should say experienced. His record 'Since you went away' released on April 27th, is a dreamy story, that felt more like a dream to me while I was listening to it.
You get a sense of a character, narrative in Joel's sound, something quite different and refreshing among the abundance of indie records circulating the scenes at the moment.

Joel Magid’s teenage self loved punk rock — not The Ramones, but angry, political shit like Crass and Rudimentary Peni.
Such was life until the night of Joel's 20th birthday when he found himself on a 37-hour one-way greyhound to Las Vegas with nothing to listen to but his friend’s tape of The White Album through a pair of half-broken headphones. He listened to the tape obsessively for a day and a half.
That changed everything.
The basement-driven world of Magid’s music is more lifestyle than genre, drawing listeners into a very real world of obsessive archival research on the golden era of rock and roll and romantic melancholia.

Joel's self-released record lends itself to a 1960's melancholic dream-scape that allows me to drift softly into the sound and become gently immersed in the individual parts of the song, the part that resonates with me, is his wonderfully romantic narrative lyrics.

Rising from Portland, Oregon, we've crossed oceans to bring you Joel's sound and highly recommend it, for your Spring playlists.
You can find Joel across the internet on Soundcloud // Twitter // Bandcamp // Facebook
Around for a live show? Check out Joel's upcoming shows: 
I love the video for 'Since you went away', which you can watch right here at Coven Cove.

Ultimately I love Joel's brooding atmospheric music that feels as though I'm living inside a movie scene shot in a romantic filter in 60s America. Certainly a track for radio, I would tell all of you to check his music out and go purchase a copy for yourself. I know I'll be adding 'Since you went away' to my Spring playlists. I can't wait to hear more.

There's something extremely curious about his music that draws me in more, every time I listen to it. Joel Magid has only just arrived at Coven Cove, but we'll be ensuring his docking in the harbor is not a one-time visit and rest assured that we'll be bringing you more of this delightful dream-pop-indie-punk melancholia magical music very soon indeed.

Pop back soon for more magical music treasures & the artists harbored here at Coven Cove. Love from captain Kage & the cove crew.
KG Ⓒ 2015

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